Tyson Fury claims he is "uniting the world" as he faces British Boxing Board grilling

World heavyweight champion has been accused of making homophobic and sexist remarks

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury (AP Photo/Jon Super)

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has been called before the British Boxing Board of Control.

He will attend a meeting in the New Year to discuss controversial comments he made in recent interviews.

Fury has been accused of making homophobic and sexist remarks.

The British boxer has defended himself, saying he has no hate for anybody and claims he's "uniting the world".

"No, definitely not," he told Sky Sports when asked if he had homophobic views. "I wouldn’t be a very good Christian if I hated anybody, would I? If Jesus loves the world, I love the world. I can actually say that I have no hate for anybody. I haven’t any enemies, I don’t hate any race, colour, creed, generation, nobody."

He also claimed that he is uniting those of different creeds, pointing to his team.

"My team is one of the most diverse teams amongst religions in the world of boxing. We’ve got Jamaicans in there, we’ve got Pakistanis in there, we’ve got Indians in there; Christians, Muslims, we’re all united. What about that? Why don’t they broadcast that?

"Tyson Fury is uniting the world. Uniting Christians and Muslims in a time when everything is up in the air. We don’t hear about that, do we? We don’t hear about the good things that I’m doing – we just hear about the comments that people want to twist and want to make me sound like I hate people and that I hate the world. I love all of God’s children. We’re all God’s children."