US MMA fighter killed in suspected 'Russian Roulette' accident

Ivan 'JP' Cole's death is now being investigated by the Dallas Police Department

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Ivan 'JP' Cole in the ring [Facebook]

A mixed-martial arts fighter from Dallas was found dead in his Dallas apartment over the weekend, believed to have lost his life while playing ‘Russian Roulette’. Ivan ‘JP’ Cole was 25 when he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound was believed to have been playing the deadly game, which sees one bullet placed in a revolver chamber, spun and closed at random, before the player holds the gun to his or her head, firing.

A spokesman for the Dallas Police Department said: “The death of Mr Cole will be classified as an unexplained death pending the results of the autopsy,” but a local news reporter for CBS claimed that Cole’s death was “Attributed to [a] deadly game of Russian Roulette.”

Paying tribute to Cole, fellow MMA fighter Antwan Williams said that he does not think that Cole could have lost his life while playing the deadly game, despite Cole’s wife saying: “I lost my husband to gun play. He made a bad decision that cost him his life.”

Williams told CBS news: “He’s such a great athlete. You can’t even explain it, but when you see him outside of the ring or the cage, he’s just so cool.”

Originally from New Orleans, Cole was considered a star on the rise in the MMS scene, having turned professional in 2012. He is survived by his wife and four-year-old daughter.

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