Usain Bolt's Rio win may have been the cause of JFK airport shooter panic

There were false reports of an active shooter in the busy airport on Sunday night

Usain Bolt, Jamaica,

Picture by: Martin Rickett / PA Wire/Press Association Images

At around 9.30pm on Sunday night, JFK airport in New York was partially evacuated when reports of gun fire were made to local police.

Terminal 8 was put into a state of lockdown, flights were temporarily diverted to Buffalo, and social media feeds lit up with people on the ground being told to leave the building.

By 11pm local time, police had confirmed there were no arrests made, no bullet cases found, and no concrete evidence of there having been any shots fired at all.

Early this morning, police told NBC News that "the two terminals where reports emerged had been searched and cleared. An official told NBC News that cheering, clapping and banging from people watching the Olympic Games may have been misinterpreted as a fight and gunshots."

At around 9.25pm on Sunday night (New York time), Usain Bolt took part in the 100-meter race, and won the race less than 10-seconds later, which would indicate that that cheering in the airport was for Bolt, although how that cheering and clapping could be misinterpreted as a shooter isn't quite as clear.