Dublin’s All-Ireland winners relishing opportunity to promote women’s game

Owens and Trant spoke on OTB AM about the state of women's gaelic football

BY Niall McGrath 18:14 Tuesday 12 December 2017, 18:14 12 Dec 2017

Dublin’s All-Ireland winning ladies team say they are aware of the massive opportunity they have to promote Women’s gaelic football.

The Dublin women claimed the All-Ireland title against Mayo, last September. The match was contested in front of a record-breaking attendance of 46,286 at Croke park.

It was the biggest women’s sporting event of 2017, surpassing the women’s FA cup final attendance at Wembley of 35,271.

Two of the victorious team and All-Star winners Nicole Owens and Ciara Trant joined this morning’s OTB AM.

 “Yeah, and I think we are very aware of that. I think we’ve taken that job on board, and it’s something as a team we feel very strongly about. Mick and the management feel strongly about that. We are in a position where we can influence the sport and women’s sport in general - put a positive spin on it, and promote it as much as we can,” said Trant.

 Nicole Owens says the team looked at the new documentary ‘Blue Sister’ as a platform to promote women’s GAA in a positive light. The documentary followed their journey throughout the victorious Championship winning campaign.

 “It was very much an opportunity to promote ladies Gaelic, especially for younger girls. Maybe the tradition wouldn’t have been, that they would have played Gaelic. When I was young there was no girls in the nursery. Now Syls, for example, have a whole nursery. It’s just girls; a hundred 6 year-old girls which is unbelievable.”

 Both ladies believe the documentary, along with the team’s success, can be used as a platform for women to identify with.

 “As a young person you always want someone to look up to. So, having the exposure we do and social media, and having the documentary is great for having young girls to be able to identify and recognize.”


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