Seedorf is used to a Rolls-Royce, but is taking control of a 1970s Lada – Graham Hunter

Spanish football expert on the multiple-Champions League winner's challenge

BY Ciaran Bradley 21:30 Wednesday 7 February 2018, 21:30 7 Feb 2018

Clarence Seedorf is used to only the best in football, but he has a huge job on his hands to ensure Deportivo La Coruña stay in La Liga, according to Graham Hunter.

Speaking to Richie and Kev on Off the Ball, Graham compared the job at hand as akin to fixing up a 1970s Lada.

“[Depor] is a team built to entertain, but it’s a team in desperate trouble. It’s a team that doesn’t look like it’s going to survive,” according to Hunter.

“Comparing himself with Zidane is apt in terms of their levels of experience, their age and their quality as footballers. But what Zidane came into was a Rolls-Royce that was just a little bit short of putting some water in the engine. Once he did that, the Rolls-Royce engine started functioning again.”

“This isn’t even a 1970s Lada at Deportivo de La Coruña. Therefore, he has got a major engineering job on his hands. He’s somehow got to buckle all these Russian, Cold War parts together and get over the line before the next worst car.”

You can watch Graham’s conversation on the Off the Ball podcast.

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