Vincent Hogan on the Dublin football team: They have a contempt for the media

The Saturday Panel reflected on the All-Ireland champions

BY Simon Maguire 20:49 Saturday 23 September 2017, 20:49 23 Sep 2017

Dublin Manager Jim Gavin at the final whistle. Image: ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Vincent Hogan, Kieran Shannon and Mary White joined Nathan Murphy for The Saturday Panel on Off the Ball.

Despite Dublin winning their third All-Ireland football title in a row, their attitude towards the media came up for discussion and speaking to Nathan Murphy, Vincent Hogan said: "It's a bugbear of mine and I'm sure, of Kieran's as well. I was talking outside that even if you look at the press conference after Sunday's win, my God it was hard to believe that the team had won an All-Ireland. 

"And Jim Gavin was asked if he had any sympathy for Mayo and losing by a point again and you're thinking back to '51 and my god the torture they're going through and his answer was: 'We've been there. It's tough - we've lost a league final this year by a point' and you're sitting there and you're thinking 'Is he serious?'

Mayo's Seamus O’Shea dejected at full time. Image: ©INPHO/James Crombie

"And, that was the level of the press conference after the All-Ireland and Stephen Cluxton was asked about the difficulty with his kick-outs in the first half and he said: 'I don't know - I don't catch any of my kick-outs'. It was an extraordinarily, almost borderline hostile thing where I would say where I would read as a contempt for the media.

"And then, you see these interviews with people who are very interesting and suddenly this week you get some insight into these guys who are really interesting.

"You know, when I think back to the Dublin team of '74 and I was 14 in '74, a school kid in Nenagh in County Tipperary, and the colour of that team came through. People would imagine that you're from the country and with the rivalry with Kerry - you'd want Kerry to win. I was the opposite," he added.

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