WATCH: A basketball player is caught blatantly tripping a referee

Jarmal Clarke was given a four-game ban by his University

An American basketball player has been suspended by his college for deliberately tripping a referee during a game.

Jarmal Clarke received a four-game ban from Oregon State after he was caught tripping referee Tommy Nunez on Sunday night. Clarke was immediately ejected from the game.

Wayne Tinkle, Oregon's Head Coach released a statement condoning the actions of his player. “Our university and our program do not condone this type of conduct on or off the court. We acted swiftly and severely, but also fairly with the understanding that we are dealing with a 22-year-old young man that we need to help grow through this tough situation."

Clarke is not among the starters for OSU and came off the bench in the 59-53 loss against Utah. With the 22-year-old unlikely to reach the NBA, it looks like he may be best remembered for his actions on Sunday night.