WATCH: Ahead of UFC 202, Nate Diaz was getting some face time with fans on Jimmy Kimmel

He featured on the show's segment, "What's Up?"

It's fair to say Nate Diaz has enjoyed himself since beating Conor McGregor at UFC 196 back in March.

The Stockton native defeated the featherweight champion via a second round submission and was has since demanded a big payday in order to grant McGregor a rematch the Irishman most definitely craved. 

The past week he has been appearing on talk shows, his appearance on Conan was marked with a special message from McGregor.

Last night he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and took part in the his famous slot "What's Up" whereby unsuspecting members of the public are asked about a celebrity, unaware that the celebrity in question is only metres away. The famous party then steps forward to confront the member of the public over their comments.

It's as awkward for the person as you can imagine.

So, Kimmel's crew took to asking the public whether or not they think Diaz will beat McGregor and most agreed argued that the Irishman will win and win comfortably.

Cue Diaz, cue cringe.