WATCH: Auburn player sneaks into Georgia's huddle unnoticed

That's one way of getting an inside line on the opposition's tactics

Knowing what tactics your opposition have in store for you is always an advantage, no matter what the sport. 

In basketball, it would be good to know, in particular, what play they have in mind to get to the basket when they next take to the court so you can run an effective defence. 

Of course, you just have to hope that your tactics are strong enough to defend against the next wave of attacks, as there's no way of finding out what the team you're up against is planning...or is there?

One sneaky Auburn player did manage to get a look at Georgia's plans on Thursday night as the two teams faced each other in their SEC opener.

With his team trailing by 11 points, T.J. Dunans decided to pop his head into the Bulldogs' huddle, and to his surprise he was allowed in. 

His "team-mates" even welcome him into the huddle, somehow all without realising that he's not even supposed to be there. 

Unfortunately, Dunans' ploy didn't work as Georgia went on to see out the result and claim a 96-84 win.