WATCH: Aussie F1 driver does terrible Irish impression to Scottish journalist

Sure might as well offend everyone while you're at it...

Daniel Ricciardo., Hungary, Red Bull,

Image: Formula 1/Twitter

Daniel Ricciardo was showing exactly why he's a Formula 1 driver and not a comedian or impressionist at a press conference at Hungarian Grand Prix this past weekend. 

The Australian driver was fielding a question from a Scottish journalist, when he decided to drop in the well-used Irish phrase that has at no stage been said by any Irish person ever, "top of the mornin' to ya." 

The rather odd decision was taken as a result of Ricciardo's confusion over the origin of the phrase, not realising that it was in fact an Irish "saying."

He apologised afterwards, stating that "I wanted you to ask me a question all weekend, and I wanted to say that, and I just blew it. Viva Scotland!"

Ricciardo also got plenty of headlines for his bizarre celebration on the podium, after he placed third in the race behind Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. 

While the traditional champagne was popped open, Ricciardo decided to undertake a "shoey" as he dubbed it, pouring some of the bubbly into his shoe and having a generous (if not unhygienic) swig. 

Shoddy work on both fronts, it must be said...