WATCH: Barcelona players let three young kids join in on their training session

Lionel Messi & co. look fairly relaxed ahead of their match against Arsenal in the Champions League

Messi, training, Barcelona,

Image: Barcelona FC/YouTube

With a match against Arsenal to come in the Champions League on Wednesday night, Barcelona looked surprisingly relaxed in their training session on Tuesday. 

The team were getting ready to be put through their paces with the game against Arsène Wenger's side in mind, when three young kids found their way on to the training pitch.

According to El Mundo Deportivo, Ecuadorians Antón (10) and Italo (12), and Uruguayan Rodrigo (10) found themselves in the area on holidays, and got a fairly great surprise when the players decided to take some pictures with them and sign their shirts.

They didn't stop there either, as they let them get involved in the training, as they experienced a famous rondo first-hand. 

The security team did force them to delete the photos that they had taken with the players, but the three were then sent on their way to meet their parents, who were waiting for them at the exit.

Via El Mundo Deportivo