WATCH: Baseball mascot the Phillie Phanatic shows up for jury duty

There's no excuse for missing the call to serve

BY Adrian Collins 20:50 Monday 17 October 2016, 20:50 17 Oct 2016

Over the years, people have found any number of ways of getting out of jury duty, but that was never on the agenda for the Phillie Phanatic. 

Despite being a baseball mascot and someone who would quite clearly draw attention when lining up next to a bunch of people who are (presumably) not green and furry or seven-foot-tall, the Phanatic was not about to shirk his civic duty.

As part of Juror Appreciation Week, head coach of Villanova basketball, Jay Wright and cheerleader-in-chief, The Right Hon. Mr. Phanatic headed along to jury duty on Monday at the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center, much to the delight of all of those who had shown up to serve on a jury.

According to Mashable, officials in Philadelphia reported that about 45% of people who receive a summons for jury duty don't actually respond, and they are hoping to show that it's not all that bad by planning a series of events this week.

While the Phanatic might not make the cut for any actual service, he made short work of getting noticed and making some friends in the crowd.

Perhaps most importantly, court officials also told CBS that there would be free coffee and donuts for jurors, which would be a welcome return after a years long absence.

Via Mashable

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