WATCH: Bowler uses his nose to get batter out in unusual cricket dismissal

Although he was hit in the face with the ball, Adam Zampa still managed to get the out

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Image: YouTube/CricketMad

The Big Bash cricket league was the setting for a particularly strange passage of play on Saturday.

Adam Zampa of the Melbourne Stars was able to put out opposing batter Peter Nevill of the Renegades by using his head, quite literally. 

After a lovely bowl with plenty of spin, Dwayne Bravo returned fire with a big hit that was drilled straight back where it came from. It cannoned off Nevill's bat, hit Zampa in the nose, and then hit the stumps.

 Speaking after the match, Nevill said he wasn't even aware that he had been called out, and that umpire "Geoff Joshua had to tap me on the shoulder and say, 'by the way mate you're out.' My primary concern was Zamps, as soon as I'd seen what happened and the sound that it made was pretty sickening, my primary concern was how he was doing".

Zampa stated that he wasn't sure if the ball had broken his nose, but was taking some painkillers, something which he mentioned twice in quick succession suggesting they were kicking in already: "I've taken some strong painkillers and I'll have to see how I wake up tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it's fine. It's not confirmed that it's not broken, and I've taken some strong painkillers". 

Either way, he probably has a sore nose today.

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