WATCH: Brock Lesnar talks about the "warrior code" ahead of return at UFC 200

Lesnar faces Mark Hunt this Saturday in Las Vegas

Brock Lesnar returns to the Octagon this weekend ahead of his highly anticipated UFC 200 bout with Mark Hunt and has opened up about his return to mixed martial arts.

The former UFC heavyweight champion is the co-main event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and despite being confident upon his return, he discussed his difficulty in getting back into the right frame of mind to fight.

"I found myself haunted for five years wanting to get back inside the cage and be a competitor again," he said.

"My last fight against  Alistair [Overeem] I was still trying to recover, I had gotten back inside the Octagon four months after my surgery. I didn't give my body time to heal.

"It took a lot out of me, you've got to regain your confidence and regain your composure. For most of my life I lived by the warrior code that I'm indestructible and when you get beaten by something other than a human being, it humbled me.

"The mind is a powerful thing and once you get your mind back, your body tends to follow."