WATCH: Chicago Blackhawks coach storms out of press conference after just one question

Joel Quenneville was in no mood to deal with the press on Tuesday night

Joel Quenneville, Chicago Blackhawks, NHL

Image: Charles Rex Arbogast / AP/Press Association Images

Joel Quenneville was not happy with the referees, and he let his frustrations be known in the post-match press conference.

The Chicago Blackhawks coach has seen his team have a number of goals ruled out recently, and with another one happening on Tuesday night to make it two chalked off in the last three games, Quenneville was at the limit of his patience.

The goal would have given them a lead against the San Jose Sharks, but it was ruled out and they eventually wound up losing the game 2-0. That lead the frustrated Stanley Cup winning coach to stick around for just one question as he rallied against the refs, and then stormed off in about 20 seconds.  

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