WATCH: Chris Eubank Junior was clearly irked by questions put to him by Channel 4 News

He and his father were speaking after the fight which left Nick Blackwell in an induced coma

Chris Eubank Junior was clearly irked at portions of the line of questioning on Channel 4 News.

The boxer, who was involved in a fight at the weekend which left his opponent Nick Blackwell having to be placed in an induced coma after suffering bleeding to the brain, was speaking to the programme and answered questions related to chivalry in boxing and the footage which saw Eubank's father advising him to avoid hitting Blackwell to the head and to aim for the body in order to prevent further injury.

Both Eubanks were involved in a joint interview. But Eubank Junior found one question in particular to be unfair.

When asked if he had to choose between holding on to his title belt or his opponent in perfect health, he responded that "this is not a fair question":