WATCH: Colin Cowherd explains Conor McGregor's biggest mistake in UFC 200 debacle

ESPN host highlights why Conor McGregor's latest publicity stunt has not worked out

BY Adrian Collins 11:21 Thursday 28 April 2016, 11:21 28 Apr 2016

Conor McGregor won't be fighting on the UFC 200 card, as confirmed by Dana White earlier this week, and it looks as though McGregor's latest publicity stunt has not paid off for him.

While the public face of the battle has been waged on Twitter and at press conferences between McGregor and UFC president Dana White, ESPN host Colin Cowherd examines exactly why the real battle was with Lorenzo Fertitta, the billionaire chairman and CEO of the company. 

Cowherd highlights that McGregor's gamble was, as a millionaire, to try and take on a billionaire, a battle that is very rarely lost by the latter. 

"Millionaires, don't get into whizzing matches with billionaires," advised Cowherd "you'll lose every single time."

Cowherd highlighted that McGregor lied twice publicly (about retiring and then again about being back on the card), which can't have helped his case with the Fertitta family. 

He also notes that, similar to Bill Simmons in his battles with ESPN, the man with less money in the bank has come off worse in this case.

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