WATCH: College basketball team trick opponents into defending the wrong basket

Louisville still lost the match, despite the moment of genius

BY Daniel Kelly 09:03 Tuesday 3 January 2017, 9:03 3 Jan 2017

It's one of the first rules of a team sport: Know the end you are defending. 

On Monday, that rule left the head of the Duke University women's basketball team. In a match against Louisville, they allowed their opponents score what may be the easiest basket of 2017. 

At the start of the third quarter, Duke's five players lined up at the wrong end of the court. Noticing the error, three of Louisville's players joined them as the away team began the second half.

Mariya Moore simply passed the ball to Briahanna Jackson, who instead of running towards the Duke team she quickly turned, to run towards the other end, scoring a simple lay-up, to give the side a 27-23 lead.

Despite the moment of genius, the team would still lose the match, falling to a 58-55 defeat. 

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