WATCH: Colm Parkinson has a proposal to change club football

Speaking on Off The Ball, Parkinson wants to see the club game change to give teams outside Dublin a better chance.

WATCH: Colm Parkinson has a proposal to change club football

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As the GAA club championship games dominate the calendar, Colm Parkinson has been looking at why the system seems to be giving the clubs in Dublin a bigger advantage than those outside the capital. 

Speaking on Off The Ball on Wednesday, he proposed a rule change that would make it more difficult for the clubs in Dublin to have so many players from outside on their panels. 

"Dublin is where everyone comes to work, intercounty players all over the country are in Dublin, they're transferring to Dublin teams. Whenever a Dublin club wins Dublin, they're out in a Leinster Championship with maybe three intercounty players playing the likes of Portlaoise or someone that have absolutely none.

"Why is that fair? It's completely an unfair advantage to the Dublin clubs who already are really strong and have massive playing pools".

He also highlighted that some amalgamated clubs can only with their county title and can't play in the Munster championship, so another team is nominated to go in their place. 

"You can have a split of maybe 12 from one club and three from another. How is that any different than a Dublin club with 11 of their own lads and four outsiders?". 

For Parkinson, the best way to level the playing field would be to set a rule in place that would see players need to be based at a club for a minimum of at least three years, possibly five, before they're allowed to play for them in a provincial championship. 

What do you think, should Wooly's proposal see the light of day, or would it make life more difficult for players who give up a lot of their time to the sport?