WATCH: Conor McGregor surprises fans on the streets of Dublin

The UFC lightweight champion was in a festive mood

Conor McGregor, Dublin,

Image: Jason Cooney/Facebook

Conor McGregor surprised a pair of fans on the streets of Dublin on Friday night, as he pulled up in a car to wish them a happy Christmas.

The two men, who were certainly feeling the Christmas spirit, were engaged in a bit of tomfoolery on the street, doing their best impressions of the UFC lightweight (and featherweight) champion. 

Little did they think that the man himself would be back home for Christmas, and was passing by the area near Camden Street in the capital, just as they were showing their range of movement and the reach of their kicks. 

Although they were not blessed with the same athletic gifts as the Irish fighter, he nonetheless decided to pull over and say hello to the two fans, giving them a fist bump and a few words of encouragement before heading off on his way.

Thankfully, they caught the moment on video for posterity...and social media.

WARNING: This video contains some explicit language.