WATCH: Conor McGregor tells Jimmy Kimmel he wants to buy a tiger or a chimpanzee

The Notorious faces Jose Aldo later this month

Conor McGregor's standing in American pop culture continues to expand after the Dubliner spoke to Jimmy Kimmel ahead of his fight with Jose Aldo later this month.

Around 2.6million people watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! on a nightly basis and McGregor impressed the audience and the presenter on ABC.

McGregor spoke to Kimmel about how he is leading the way for Irish MMA in the coming years: "There are many, many young kids who are seeing the path now. They are many, many parents of young kids who are seeing my path and encouraging the game of martial arts." 

Mike Tyson came up in conversation between the two, in particular the fact that Tyson used to own and McGregor stated that he wouldn't mind owning one himself: "I have been really giving serious thought to getting myself an exotic animal, and a tiger would be right up there... I'd love a monkey, maybe a chimpanzee." 

The 27-year old faces Jose Aldo on December 12th in Las Vegas.