WATCH: Cora Staunton and Briege Corkery attempt the Messi penalty trick and it goes horribly wrong

The legendary Ladies Football players made the failed attempt at the All-Stars tour in San Diego

The 2014 and 2015 All-Stars are currently enjoying their tour in San Diego and as per tradition, the two groups played each other in an All-Stars exhibition game.

Naturally, the competitive element is pretty much non-existent in the All-Stars tour as this is one of the few breaks during an otherwise hectic GAA season, in which these inter-county players can enjoy an extended break from training.

And two of the players took the opportunity to get creative on the pitch during the All-Stars game. Mayo legend Cora Staunton and perennial All-Ireland winner Briege Corkery attempted a distinctively original version of the Lionel Messi/Suarez penalty trick which divided opinion some weeks ago.

Staunton and Corkery's attempt however was just a little bit off in the execution.

Penalty Trick

Briege Corkery and Cora Staunton devised a penalty trick in today's All Stars game in San Diego but it didn't fool Laois goalkeeper Ciamh Dollard..

Posted by Ladies Gaelic Football on Saturday, 19 March 2016

It looks as though Corkery is going to take the penalty before leaping over the ball at the last second with Staunton following closely behind her to launch the decisive kick at Laois goalkeeper Ciamh Dollard. 

Unfortunately however, the time it takes for Corkery to mount the ball and for Staunton to unleash the kick, gives Dollard more than enough time to set herself up and parry the resultant shot away.

Staunton subsequently scored but it's penalty itself we're concerned with and while it's not an exact replica of that Pires/Henry penalty fail from 10 years ago, it's somewhat reminiscent of it as well. 

Let's just put it down to lack of time spent rehearsing the set-piece.