WATCH: Dana White believes Conor McGregor will leave the featherweight division

The UFC president suggested that the new champion has his eyes on the lightweight title too

Conor McGregor, UFC 194, Jose Aldo,

Conor McGregor celebrates defeating Jose Aldo to win the UFC Featherweight Championship title. Image: Ramsey Cardy / SPORTSFILE

After an emphatic win in the early hours of Sunday morning, Conor McGregor's reign as featherweight champion got off to an incredible start, but it might not be a long one. 

It seems that the newly-crowned undisputed champion has his eyes on another title, and is considering moving up a weight class to take on the challenge of the lightweight fighters.

Speaking after the main event of UFC 194, Frankie Edgar revealed that he had been talking with Dana White, and the UFC head honcho suggested that McGregor would not be staying in the division for long.  

"He [Dana White] said Conor might go up to 155. I think he's got unfinished business here. I think I'm the worst match up for him, I think he knows that, I think the UFC knows that. I want my one opportunity". 

However, interviewer Megan Olivi revealed that she had been chatting to McGregor in the wake of his victory, where he revealed that he'd seen Edgar's win on Friday night and that he might stay in the division to take him on. 

Speaking after the fight, McGregor said "you've got Frankie, who had a good win last night. That could be for the featherweight belt; maybe a Jose rematch or [the] 155-pound strap. I enjoy options. Options are a good thing in the fight game".

White also stated that, should he decide to move up a division, he would get an immediate title shot: "the winner of that [lightweight title bout between Rafael Dos Anjos and Donald Cerrone], if Conor McGregor is moving to 155, gets Conor McGregor".

Via Sherdog