WATCH: Diego Simeone's training sessions look to be ridiculously tough

A number of players have been struggling with the demands of the training sessions

Atletico Madrid, Bernard Mensah,

Image: Marca TV

The preseason is underway for Atlético Madrid, and with a few new players in the squad, coach Diego Simeone is trying his best to get them up to a certain level of fitness ahead before the serious business starts.

As you might expect with a figure as intense as Simeone however, there's nothing easy about the training sessions, and even though the players are already arriving in pretty decent shape, a few of them have found it to be very tough going. 

One of those new players, Bernard Mensah, was given a warm welcom back to the team after a loan spell with Granada in his first training session, but the amount of work he was asked to get through proved to be a bit too much for him.  

There's little sympathy from the Argentine coach for his players in that regard though, as when Luciano Vietto struggled similarly earlier this week, he was laughed at by his manager. 

Via Marca