WATCH: Enjoy some of the best scores from Ladies Football in 2015

Jerome Quinn caught some wonderful scores this year and it's yout time to decide which was best

The standard of Ladies Gaelic Football would appear to be on the rise, judging by the quality of the 12 cracking scores in this compilation of best scores from 2015. 

Ten-time All Star Cora Staunton is joined in the list by fellow All Stars Rena Buckley and Aimee Mackin, but there are also a few very impressive contenders from club finals. Indeed, one of the best is kept to last with 14-year-old Sarah Dillon's All Ireland Final winner for Milltown (Westmeath) at Parnell Park. 

The scores are all from Jerome Quinn’s camera only, so it’s not a definitive all-inclusive selection, but well worth having a look and picking your favourite...

A - Aine Tighe, UL

B - Karen McDermott, Westmeath 

C - Aimee Mackin, Armagh 

D - Louise Ward, Galway

E - Rena Buckley, Cork 

F - Caroline Little, Fermanagh 

G - Geraldine McLaughlin, Donegal 

H - Cora Staunton, Mayo 

I - Jennifer Higgins, Roscommon 

J - Maria Delahunty, Waterford 

K - Siobhan Sheerin, Glenelly 

L - Sarah Dillon, Milltown