WATCH: Ex-Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura vigorously defends Colin Kaepernick's right to protest

While the WWE Hall of Famer says it's not about agreeing with the views, he believes in the right to protest

BY Raf Diallo 17:48 Friday 16 September 2016, 17:48 16 Sep 2016

Jesse Ventura

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has staunchly backed NFL player Colin Kaepernick and his right to protest. 

In a video for Business Insider, the 65-year-old independent politician spoke passionately about the right to protest, and distinguished it with agreeing or disagreeing with a protester's views. 

San Francisco 49ers quarter-back Kaepernick has generated much reaction and diverging opinions in the US for refusing to stand for the national anthem at games in protest at racial discrimination towards African Americans in the United States. 

Ventura, who is also a veteran of the Vietnam War, is adamant that Kaepernick should have the right to protest as he sees fit, saying: "I salute Colin Kaepernick. I fully support him, fully and completely. That's why I serve my country so that you have the freedom to protest. If we don't like protesting, what's next? I don't have to agree with him but I'll still respect his right to do it."

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