WATCH: Gianluigi Buffon joins in with a group of kids for a game of beach football

The Italian legend surprised a bunch of kids on the beach by getting involved in their game

Gianluigi Buffon, Euro 2016,

Image: Michael Probst / AP/Press Association Images

Italian legend Gianluigi Buffon might be having a few days off after a long season of football, including some inspirational performances at Euro 2016, but he just can't stay away from the game that he loves. 

While on holiday with his family in Marina di Massa, Tuscany, the goalkeeper decided to head over and join in with a bunch of kids who were playing football on the beach. 

Given he's a hero to most Italian kids, and earned the respect of countless fans when he explained just why he decided to stay with Juventus after they went down, it would have been a huge surprise and brilliant experience for them to get a chance to play a game with the Azzurri icon.

Of course, the went in goals for the game, as the kids tried their best to beat the World Cup winner and Italian number one.