WATCH: Holly Holm has a very rational response to Ronda Rousey's belief that she's ''undefeated''

Holm will defend her Bantamweight title for the first time at UFC 196

WATCH: Holly Holm has a very rational response to Ronda Rousey's belief that she's ''undefeated''

Andy Brownbill / AP/Press Association Images

While the main event at UFC 196, continues to grapple with the chaos of replacing fighters, Holly Holm appears to be in a zone of calm ahead of her first title defence in the co-main event.

For the first time, Holm will not be the contender for a Bantamweight belt as she enters the Octagon with Meisha Tate and waiting in the shadows for Holm, is Ronda Rousey.

Rousey relinquished her belt to Holm in dramatic fashion last year and reclaiming her title has been the sole objective for her, ever since that first round shock defeat.

It took her a while to step back into her public persona after the loss but Rousey seems to have hit her stride again.

And one of the interesting things she has been saying in relation to this prospective re-match, is that she still labels herself as ''undefeated.'' It's likely that Rousey is speaking like this in order to rebuild her confidence and remind herself that she can become the champion again.

And speaking at a recent media event, Holly Holm gave a rational and equally classy response to Rousey's statements.

''That's ok with me. Maybe that's something that is coming out of a mouth that doesn't wanna fully take in everything.''

Holm added that on occasions when she was beaten, she elected to review her performance and try to figure out why she didn't win in an effort to improve herself.

''I know for me, any loss that I've had, it is a very hard thing to swallow. But you've gotta be honest with yourself. Why did I lose? I didn't  perform well and for me, I need to be honest with myself in order to get better.''

''Maybe she needs to fell like she's undefeated, and that's ok.''