WATCH: How do you really unwind as an Olympic athlete?

Arthur Lanigan O'Keefe updates us on his Rio 2016 preparations

So how do you unwind as an athlete to temporarily get away from it all?  

Ireland's modern pentathlete Arthur Lanigan-O'Keefe has been busy preparing for the 2016 Olympics, including a test event in Brazil, which he says didn't go the way he wanted it to.

"What happened in Rio was I think I just over-did it a little bit and I didn't get that lifestyle balance and by the time I got to the competition - physically I was awesome - but my mind just wasn't fully there. I just wasn't in it. I just needed away to relax and recharge the batteries," he said.

Thus he took some time in Rio to relax and here's how he recharged those batteries on the road to the Games: