WATCH: How many footballs are used during the Super Bowl and how much a halftime ad costs

The numbers behind the running of a Super Bowl will leave you very surprised

Super Bowl 50 takes place in San Francisco's Levi's Stadium tonight.

The final game of the NFL season pits the swashbuckling Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers and the uncompromising Denver Broncos' defence against each other in what could be Peyton Manning's last game as an NFL player.

Much is made of the production that goes into a Super Bowl event but we have the numbers right here. Some of the figures are downright astonishing while some of the numbers we see are just ridiculous. (Who needs 72 footballs to play a game of football?)

 Coldplay are set to take the stage at halftime along with Beyonce and Bruno Mars but some highlights from the past include The Rolling Stones in 2006, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in 2007 and even New Kids on the Block in 1991!