WATCH: Hurling goes global as French TV station produce wacky video with Galway club

The cultural clash makes for some comical dialogue

We've always known that Ireland's indigenous sports are fantastic and now it seems that the French are coming to that realisation as well.

A French sports programme dispatched reporter Jean-Baptiste Goupil to the Ahascragh GAA club in Galway to compose a short video entitled ''Sport Gaélique'' with the intention of documenting all the priceless elements of hurling.

And boy did he complete the assignment with gusto. Between the montage of all the clips from games of the early 20th century, the skills demonstration and a snippet of the Saw Doctors classic ''The Small Ball is Your Only Man,'' this video has everything.

But the gold star has to go to an exchange between Goupil and Ahascragh clubman John Egan in which he tries to get a bit of information about the sport.

John Egan begins his explanation:

''Hurling is like Gaelic football except with a ball that size (holds up sliotar) and a hurley.''

It's likely that by using the other Irish sport as a way of offering some context on hurling, might actually confuse the poor French man a bit more, but who are we to judge the methods of those in the Ahascragh club.

And when the French reporter begins speaking back to him in French, the unperturbed Egan casually says:

''Yeah your French humour is very unusual.'' 

Here is the full video in all it's cross-cultural glory.


Sport Gaélique - Episode 2. Après une recherche de trèfle infructueuse, c'te coup-ci on m'a envoyer plus vigoureusement...

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Goupil on Monday, 18 January 2016