WATCH: Irish and Swedish fans enjoy a sing-song together in France

There has been a good atmosphere between both sets of fans as they prepared for their teams' opening game

After violent clashes between groups of fans and the police in the first few days of the tournament, it was welcome relief to see plenty of good spirit between groups of fans on Monday.

Ahead of the opening fixture for both their teams in the European Championships, fans of Ireland and Sweden came together outside the ground and on the streets around the Stade de France to show a united front, rather than a divided one. 

There was mutual respect for Zlatan Ibrahimovic from both sides, as he his name was sung by fans on their way in to watch the game. 

Meanwhile, both sets of fans found a common cultural icon in the form of ABBA, as they sang 'Dancing Queen' together, presumably as they discussed success at another European competition, the Eurovision.

As usual, Irish fans were in great voice as they headed towards the stadium, while fans got into the spirit of things together

Inside the ground, the players were greeted by some fantastic noise and a brilliant atmosphere, as fans sang at the top of their voices and enjoyed the DJ's choices of song.

Our own fan on the ground Stephen Higgins has been giving us a taste of the atmosphere in the build up to the game, as well as taking us inside the fan zones with his updates France, which you can read here.