WATCH: Irish fans have a sing-a-long with Jack Charlton

The legendary Irish manager has a special place in the hearts of all Irish fans

Ireland fans have always held a special place in their hearts for the legendary Jack Charlton, and the honorary Irishman appears to feel the same way. 

As the man who lead Ireland to the Euros in 1988 and two World Cups, everyone wanted to be part of Jackie's Army, and a number of fans were lucky enough to be paired with Charlton in filming a recent advert ahead of the Euros in France this summer. 

While the final ad featured a short clip of Jack, behind the scenes there was no dampening the enthusiasm for the big man on the day of the filming, as this clip from Three highlights. 

Over cups of tea, Charlton poses for snaps and pictures with the fans, who can't help but burst into song when Big Jack is around.