WATCH: Is this the unluckiest cricket dismissal ever?

Katey Martin lost her wicket in a T20 international for New Zealand

WATCH: Is this the unluckiest cricket dismissal ever?

Picture by: Cricket Australia/ Twitter

There are unlucky dismissals in cricket, and there are very unlucky cricket dismissals in cricket. 

A women's T20 international between Australia and New Zealand saw a wicket fall into the second category, as Katey Martin was dismissed in farcical circumstances.

Facing only the third ball of her innings, Martin defended a ball from Australia's Amanda-Jade Wellington. Trying to move the ball out of the way, it hit her bat and bounced into the stumps.

Despite Martin's bat hitting the ball of the stumps, the wicket count as being bowled out by Wellington. The Australian bowler claimed two further wickets in the next three balls.

Even with Martin's bizarre dismissal, New Zealand were comfortable victors, winning the game by 47 runs.