WATCH: Jamie Carragher takes the mickey out of his famous "moment" with Thierry Henry

Jamie Redknapp provided the literal helping hand

One of the lasting images from this year's football has to be the 'moment' between Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry. 

Upon hearing the news that Brendan Rodgers had been sacked as manager by Carragher's former club Liverpool on a Sunday in October, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry reached across in shock and instinctively put his hand on Carragher's thigh while both were live on air and on punditry duty with Sky Sports.

It won't have escaped Carragher's attention that the image has been quite popular on social media over the last couple of months and seeing the funny side of it, he and former Liverpool team-mate and fellow Sky pundit Jamie Redknapp decided to recreate the moment: