WATCH: Jamie Clarke on *that* goal, showboating, and soccer’s influence on the GAA

We've had a sit-down with the Armagh forward...

WATCH: Jamie Clarke on *that* goal, showboating, and soccer’s influence on the GAA

INPHO/Tommy Dickson

"I think I was probably aware of my skill level in comparison to other players," was Jamie Clarke's initial reply when asked if he had a tenancy to showboat during his early years as an inter country footballer, he added that being over-eager to display his talents led to some "naive" decision making at times.

At 28, he told Off The Ball that he's stripped back his game and now waits for moments of flare to "happen naturally" - like his cool finish to secure victory against Tipperary in Saturday night's qualifier.

Speaking to Joe Molloy, he said that the he was caught by surprise as Tipperary goalkeeper Ciaran Kenrick rushed off his line, so he instinctively played the ball soccer style to round him before slotting it past the final defender.

"I knew I had quite a bit of time, so I think it was just important to keep cool ... it seemed quiet easy and a natural thing to do," he reflects.

The Crossmaglen man believes that it is heartening to see individuals taking risks like Ronan O’Neill's chip against Down in Sunday's Ulster Final:

"I think it’s good that players still have, you know, the confidence to be able to try these things in the modern game … it’s kind of got very robotic."

"Growing up where I was from, we would have played a lot of street soccer," Clarke added.

He's returned for the 2017 season after a spell in New York, during which he played soccer at a high level and was linked with the New York Red Bulls.

Given the popularity of the sport in Ireland, Jamie believes that many gaelic footballers incorporate soccer skills into their game without realising. He compared the finishing of Colm Cooper to Lionel Messi.