WATCH: Joe Rogan argues UFC would be safer if fighters didn't use gloves or wrist tape

The UFC commentator believes that more protection would not make the sport safer

Conor McGregor, Joe Rogan, UFC

Image: Joe Rogan speaks to Conor McGregor after defeating Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night. Gregory Payan / AP/Press Association Images

Joe Rogan has stated that in order to make the sport of mixed martial arts safer, the UFC should look at getting rid of gloves and wrist taping. 

Speaking on an episode of his podcast with fitness coach and Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor Steve Maxell, Rogan stated that the gloves used in other combat sports actually make athletes more reckless with their hits. 

Comparing it to the pads and helmets used today in the National Football League, and noting the use of gloves in boxing, Rogan said "I think with MMA, one of the things is that you really can't tee off on someone the way you can with boxing gloves. With boxing gloves, you almost can have no concern about whether you're going to hit a forehead or hit an elbow."

"Even MMA fighters," he added, "they have an unrealistic amount of protection on their hands, and it just to protect their hands."

Speakng about how he was interviewed after the death of Portuguese fighter João Carvalho in Dublin recently, Rogan stated that he was asked about the possibility of giving fighters bigger gloves and more protection.

However, the UFC commentator believes that taking the exact opposite approach would in fact make the sport safer.

"I think the real answer is no gloves, said Rogan. "Not only no gloves, no wrist taping. I think one of the more difficult aspects about punching someone is that your wrist joint moves when you hit things, and it makes it way harder. You have to really concentrate to keep your fist completely tight, make sure that your wrist doesn't move when you make impact". 

What do you think, should the UFC or other promotions look at returning to the days of bareknuckle fights?