WATCH: Ken Shamrock warns Conor McGregor not to get too carried away with his success

The UFC veteran and former WWE star said McGregor was the most impressive fighter in the UFC, but needs to be careful

BY Adrian Collins 07:24 Friday 18 December 2015, 7:24 18 Dec 2015

Image: JANE KALINOWSKY / AP/Press Association Images

Ken Shamrock has singled out Conor McGregor for praise, but also warned that he needs to make sure he doesn't get too big headed.

Shamrock, who fought at UFC 1, stated that for him "McGregor is pretty impressive. He is just a guy that is confident and has all kinds of talent and it comes natural. Even though it comes natural, he works hard and that makes him even greater". 

However, as words of warning, he added that McGregor needs to be wary of falling into a trap that a lot of fighters have in the past of "becoming too much like God. You need to check yourself, look yourself in the mirror and realise it's just a fight. You're just fighting another guy and you're winning and you're great at this, but when you start talking about the world and life itself, then you need to check yourself".

He added that while it's important for fighters to enjoy themselves, they need to be aware that "it will end. What you have right now, it's like a bubble. You see it rising and rising and rising, and then it pops and it's gone [...] You're going to rise up to the top, and you're going to pop, and you're going to have to realise it's coming. When it does, make sure that you're ready for it, because it's a hard pill to swallow". 

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