WATCH: Lille confrontation between rival football fans

Footage has emerged of England and Wales football fans in Lille chanting together

Footage has emerged of England and Wales football fans in Lille chanting together after minor trouble apparently flared with a small group of Russian men.

In the video, one man shouts at men in hoods as he picks up chairs, while British fans sing: "We're England and Wales, we're England and Wales... f*** off Russia, we're England and Wales."

Another man wearing a blazer comes out of a bar shouting in French at a group of others to go away. Pointing down the street, he orders: "Allez, allez, s'il vous plait."

One man, lying on the pavement, is dragged back into the bar by his arm.

Police officers then move in between the two groups near the Palais De La Biere and the Hotel Continental.
A glass bottle is thrown and smashes next to the person filming the video, posted on Twitter by @theawayfans, however there was no physical confrontation between the groups.

According to Sky Sports News, two Russians were arrested in the northern French city in a day that otherwise appears to have passed without trouble.

Lillie authorities banned alcohol sales from 6pm on Tuesday to 6am on Friday.

Russian play Slovakia in the city on Wednesday, while England and Wales play in nearby Lens the day after.

It comes after Russia was handed a suspended disqualification from Euro 2016 over crowd disturbances at Saturday's game against England in Marseille.

UEFA announced its decision as a group of Russian fans faced being thrown out of France - and footage appeared to demonstrate that attacks on English supporters in Marseille before the match were well-planned.

The Russian football federation was also fined €150,000 (£119,000).

The team will be kicked out of the tournament if there is any repeat of the violence which saw Russians charge at England supporters inside the Stade Velodrome.

Police are concerned about 150 hardcore Russian hooligans who orchestrated violence in Marseille and who French authorities have called "hyper violent and hyper rapid".

A video filmed by one Russian hooligan has also emerged, showing a group approaching English fans drinking in a main square before the match.

They arm themselves with iron bars, chairs and bottles before attacking the fans, fighting running battles through the streets as their targets run away.

The man wearing the camera around his waist is seen appearing to stamp on an England supporter at one point.
French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed an operation was under way to arrest the hooligans.
He warned: "There were photos and videos. They will be stopped."

Home Secretary Theresa May condemned the disorder in the House of Commons and echoed calls from Roy Hodgson and Wayne Rooney for England fans to behave.

Six England fans were jailed in France on Monday after the weekend of trouble in the southern French city.

Another man was arrested on his return to the UK and has been banned from watching football for five years.

Downing Street confirmed a small number of extra British public order and transport police were being sent to France, while officers are working to identify 48 supporters involved in the trouble in Marseille.

The Kremlin has urged Russian fans in France not to react to "provocations" and called on Russian sporting officials to use their influence to ensure supporters behave themselves.