WATCH: MMA fighter celebrates a knockout by pretending to catch his opponent in a Pokeball

Pokemon GO is taking over the world, for better or for worse

Bellator, Pokemon Go, Michael Page

Image: Bellator/Twitter

Pokemon GO is the biggest app in the world at the moment, and has even surpassed Tinder in terms of downloads. 

It should come as no surprise then that the game has infiltrated the world of sports, as on Saturday night MMA fighter Michael "Venom" Page celebrated his win over Evangelista Santos. 

The fight, which took place at the Bellator 158, ended as Page landed a powerful knee on the head of Santos, knocking him to the floor and causing the referee to step in immediately to call a halt to the bout.

Page had come prepared for the win however, as he ran over to the side of the cage where his corner team handed him a cap and pokeball and...well, you can watch the rest yourself.

Santos probably won't be best pleased that he was used as a prop in the celebration, but he has more pressing concerns as it seems that he is currently being treated for a fractured skull after the blow from Page. 

The fighter's camp is expected to make a statement on his health on Sunday via social media.

Via Bleacher Report