WATCH: Mayo's 1996 All-Ireland song is one of Ireland's forgotten musical gems

Tom Tom and the Byrne's Babes' song Mayo Anthem 96 should always be remembered

20 years ago, Tom Tom and the Byrne's Babes gave Ireland the best three-and-a-half minutes of music ever seen and heard.

The song was released in the build-up to the 1996 All-Ireland Final against Meath and was imaginatively called 'Mayo Anthem 96'.

Ireland's unofficial YouTube oracle KillianM2 brought the video back into the public's consciousness to celebrate Mayo Day. The song is instantly recognisable as a classic of the 90s.

With lyrics such as; "Mayo, Mayo, Sam Maguire's coming home to Mayo. Mayo, Mayo, Sam Maguire's coming home to Mayo", the band is highly presumptuous of what was going to happen in the final. They're still waiting for it to "come home".

Recorded during RTE's Up for the Match, and introduced by Liam Ó Murchú, the song is a perfect representation of how great sporting songs can be.