WATCH: Mick McCarthy talks about his pop career and duet with Linda Martin

His duet with Linda Martin has resurfaced recently and has taken the internet by storm.

Mick McCarthy, Linda Martin,

Image: Sky Sports/Streamable

Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy appeared on Goals on Sunday on Sky Sports this week and the topic of his now famous duet with Linda Martin came up.

The song has resurfaced thanks to the magic of the internet, and has been getting plenty of attention as the former Irish international’s formerly forgotten singing career gets a second wind.

When asked if he had ever considered getting into the music business, he said “yes I did, for one nano-second. I left school and I wasn’t particularly good at English and I was hopeless at music, but I’ve had two books out and a record. All have been hopeless but nevertheless...”

The song was in aid of Crumlin Children’s Hospital, back when McCarthy was the captain of the national team, and he had been approached to do the duet given his position with the national team.

Since it was all for a good cause, McCarthy has taken the gentle ribbing in good spirit.

He added that he bumped into Louis Walsh, who was also involved in the project, at Dublin airport a while back and encouraged him to bury it. It appears as though Louis didn’t listen, however.