WATCH: Miesha Tate came dangerously close to missing the cut for a title defense at UFC 200

UFC 200 was on the cusp of heading into disarray had Tate's title defense being called off

WATCH: Miesha Tate came dangerously close to missing the cut for a title defense at UFC 200


Miesha Tate clocked in with just half a pound to spare, when she jumped on the scales at the UFC 200 weigh-in.

The UFC Women's Bantamweight champion encountered some difficulties in shedding weight for her fight against Amanda Nunes and came worryingly close to missing the official 8am-10am weigh-in time yesterday. 

According to pictures posted on Tate's social media outlets, the reigning champion had 11 pounds to unload in order to clock in at 135Ibs or less. Had she failed to meet the weight requirements, the status of her title fight against Nunes would have been downgraded, and she would have been stripped of her title.


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Tate finally arrived for her weigh-in at 10.02am and a towel was needed as she stripped off most of her clothes, in order to maximise her chances of making the cut. She registered at 134.5Ibs - half a pound less than the 135Ib limit.

Speaking about the challenges involved in making weight, Tate told UFC media:

"My scale was reading like 0.2 heavy. It was like, if I have to strip down, I strip down, so I did and I was half a pound under."

"I was cutting weight last night and it was like, this is such a great opportunity. I'm beyond stoked."


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The new system of a morning weigh-in has been well received in the UFC, due to the additional rehydration time afforded to fighters before the fight. It also means there is less waiting involved before the actual weigh-in is carried out. Tate's coach Rob Follis says that this is a healthy move for the fighters.

"It's great for the fighters. I've actually been talking about this for years and years. Why aren't we weighing in earlier and doing a mock weigh-in? I've been saying that for years."