WATCH: More strange happenings at the Copa America as even the coin toss goes wrong

What are the odds...

coin toss, copa america, Colombia

Image: Univison Deportes/YouTube

While we might all be gearing up for the fun of the Euros, the centenary edition of the Copa America, a huge tournament in its own right, is taking place in the United States. 

Some of the game's biggest stars are taking part in the tournament with the likes of Argentina and Brazil involved, but last night the show was well and truly stolen by...a coin.

As Colombia and Paraguay prepared to face off, the referee flicked the coin in the air for the ceremonial decision making process at the start of the game, only for it to land on its side. 

The officials and players, including Colombia captain James Rodríguez, shared a laugh about it before flipping the coin again to determine who would get the tip off.

Still, it's a better start to the game than accidentally blaring a Pitbull song instead of Chile's national anthem.