WATCH: Nottingham Forest's Ben Osbron scored the best goal of the weekend

Matt Le Tisser would have been proud of this effort

Ben Osborn, free kick, goal

Image: Nottingham Forest/YouTube

Matt Le Tisser scored a selection of brilliant goals during his career, which we have all tried (with little success) on the five-a-side pitch in the years since he hung up his boots. 

On the weekend, Nottingham Forest decided to do something similar with a free kick against Bristol City with markedly better results, as Ben Osborn stepped up to strike a shot at goal. 

However, instead of taking it directly as the defenders were perhaps expecting, the ball was rolled back to him by Matt Cash, before Osborn then flicked it up and volleyed it at goal.  

The result was a spectacular effort that flew into the back of the net and, perhaps even more remarkably, was his side's first goal in three games.  

Forest went on to win the game 1-0, with Osborn's goal proving the difference and giving them their first win of 2017.

In case you needed reminding, here's Le Tissier's stunner from back in the day.