WATCH: Oxford United striker celebrates last minute winner by taunting goalkeeper

Chris Maguire isn't about to win any awards for sportsmanship...

BY Adrian Collins 16:09 Monday 22 August 2016, 16:09 22 Aug 2016

There's no doubt that taking a penalty in the 93rd minutes requires a lot of mental fortitude and confidence, but Oxford's Chris Magiure took things a step too far with his late, late winner on Saturday.

The striker stepped up when the pressure was on to slam home a penalty in the dying seconds, giving his side a narrow 2-1 win and the three points against Peterborough.

As the home crowd let out an almighty roar, Maguire celebrated with plenty of conviction, getting right up in the face of Ben Alnwick, gesturing the way he should have gone and throwing in a fake dive for good measure. 

The celebration didn't seem to go down too well with the goalkeeper, while Maguire's own team-mates weren't sure what to make of it either. 

Sepaking to the Oxford Mail after the game, Maguire said: "There was no point the keeper diving, the ball had hit the net by the time he moved. He was trying to put me off and he's entitled to do that, but it always comes back to bite you."

"Always comes back to bite you," eh Chris?

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