WATCH: Paddy Holohan shows us how McGregor can beat Mayweather

"That’s where fear comes in - real fear"

WATCH: Paddy Holohan shows us how McGregor can beat Mayweather

Joseph Conroy

Former-UFC star Paddy Holohan knows that Conor McGregor will "shock the world" in two weeks and knock out Floyd Mayweather.

He welcomed Off The Ball to his shiny new gym, SBG D24 to give Kevin Kilbane a hands-on break down of the 'money fight.'

When he was asked how it felt to see Conor McGregor transcending the sport of MMA - Paddy replied that he is "transcending the world."

One of the popular theories is that McGregor is being set up for a fall as his lack of professional boxing experience will leave him at sea as Floyd takes him apart.

Paddy believes that most on-lookers are failing to understand the sophistication of Conor's movement and the power he possesses.

He told Off The Ball that bringing a traditional boxing coach into the McGregor camp would be "going backwards."

"Conor's going to move and box and look like a boxer - because he is a boxer. Boxing's just one stage of this. How many hours can you do of something before you're extremely good at it?"

"The thing is, he’s one of our own, he’s Irish, we should embrace that, we should suck that in, and use it. All the knockers and begrudgers, that’s what Ireland is," he told OTB.

"People need to get on board now. It's different - it's not so much more different than you think though."

We've more from Paddy coming next week, talking life, fighting, and more with Kevin Kilbane.