WATCH: Pedestrian causes massive crash during Chinese cycling race

The Tour of Qinghai Lake began on Sunday

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Picture Credit: Euronews

There is much more to cycling in July than just the Tour de France.

Races are continuing all around the world, with the Tour of Qinghai Lake take place this week in China. The first stage of the race on Sunday was marred by a crash in the final kilometre of the race.

Taking place around the streets of Xining, a pedestrian walked out on front of the peleton, as thy were preparing for a sprint finish. The crash caused countless riders to fall of their bikes.

According to, a 19-year-old man was arrested after the incident, while officials in charge of the security during the stage has been suspended.

An alternative view from a spectator on the roadside, shows how many cyclists were held up by the crsh, with some bikes flying up into the air.

The stage was won by Colombian rider Miguel Ángel Rubiano.