WATCH: Petr Cech and Alexis Sanchez provide the Christmas tunes for Arsenal fans

Petr Cech swaps being between the sticks for a pair of drumsticks...

The Arsenal team had hoped that Monday's match agains Manchester City would be the place where they would be able to secure Christmas number one, but since Leicester have a firm lead, they've turned to the musical charts instead in search of that coveted top spot.

While Cech is a (not so little) drummer boy himself and can actually play his instrument well, his team-mates don't appear to have been blessed with the same talent as he was.

Alexis Sanchez plays the keyboard with little regard for the notes that may be emitted as a result, while they give Nacho Monreal some festive bells and essentially demote him to being the Bez of the band. 

Still, don't bet against Gunners & Roses producing an album at some stage in 2016. 

It beats QPR's effort anyway.