WATCH: Pulling off the playground tactic of nodding the ball in is a hugely unpopular move with the opposition

There were plenty of protests after Herman Koré scored in the most arrogant way imaginable.

BY Adrian Collins 18:13 Wednesday 9 December 2015, 18:13 9 Dec 2015

Image: Newsouest/YouTube

In the French cup match between US Concarneau (CFA) and Châteaubriant, Herman Koré scored a goal that has graced many a playground. 

The tactic of beating your opponent and kneeling down to nod it into an empty net is not a popular one with the opposition, as it turns out. Not only did the goalkeeper do his best to give him a good kicking, but a number of players also jump in to start a scrap with him over his lack of respect. 

He's not the first player to do this particular trick in France however, as Georges N'Tep of Reims famously pulled off the same move back in 2014, and the opposition didn't think it was too funny then either.

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